Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Game Engine

I decided to restart from scratch with my approach to Android games. The games I made work, but coding the particulars of each game can take a long time.

I'm building a platform-independent game engine. With this, I'll be able to test my games on PC, then confidently port them to Android with fewer problems. I'll build in mechanisms to make sure the version I test will be the one you receive.

I intend to incorporate Relativity and/or Newtonian physics into the gameplay. Since it looks like I'll take a class on Quantum Mechanics down the line, I might make such a simulator for Android.

I have not decided on a name for the game engine. If I profit enough from its creation, I may expand and eventually make an open source version of it.

If I get myself a Mac at some point (or Apple decides to avoid cutting out developers who refuse to pay exorbitant sums of money), I might expand the game engine to work on iOS. I don't like Apple's attitude toward this, so don't count on an iOS port anytime soon.

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